​Child Support Enforcement & Payments - Was the Fight Worth It? ​(Part 12)

Child Support Enforcement - Was the Fight Worth It? (Part 12)

​The Final Number on the Child Support Payment & Enforcement.

2015 and, yes, into 2016.

Hindsight, they say, is 20/20.  

You can clearly see the true experience of something.  

In the past it is difficult to say whether or not I would do it all again, knowing now what it would cost me financially, emotionally, and time-wise.

The final child support numbers were scheduled to be set in December 2015.  

But Mr. ​Ex and his attorney would not agree or negotiate, claiming that Mr. ​Ex was now poor (work had supposedly slowed to a trickle in 2015) and that ABC Gear, which had $6​8,000 in gross income, had only made about $10,000 in net income in 2015.    

Then, Marty and Mr. X landed back at the $764/month number.  

I nearly lost it!

Back to the Family Courts we go!

"I'm not here to bury you," the Judge told Mr. X.

Here's a guy (Mr. ​Ex) who works 30 - 60 days in a year if he's lucky.  Seriously?!  Go ahead and bury him with some responsibility and work.  

I could not believe what I was hearing.  ​(same picture I know, but it's so appropriate)


Mr. ​Ex had lied, been caught, and here the Judge was acting as if nothing had happened. Oy!

Karl assured me that while the Judge's delivery seemed "massaging," his actions would stay aligned with the Memorandum Order of June.  The Judge set another court date for January 2016.

January 8, 2016, we returned to court and then again on January 14. 

Finally, the numbers ordered play out like this:

Back owed expenses:  $9,851

Retroactive support owed:  $9,404

Monthly child support amount moving forward:  $1,385/month

And 50% contribution to all educational and extra-curricular expenses for our son.

We had to make some compromises. 

Back owed expenses only went back to the Karl's 'legit Petition" of June 2014 (the one that Karl filed asking for contribution to extracurricular activities and such).  

Retroactive child support went back to October 2013 (the date of my original and flimsy, albeit effective enough, ​Motion to Modify Child Support).

I've read and heard from many a paying parent that the child support system in this country unfairly shackles non-custodial parents.  

I don't buy it.  

Child support is geared to support the child.  

It's pretty simple to me:  You made a child, now ​do the work to support that child​!

Child Support Modification ​Documents Mentioned in this Part

​​​​​First Motions I filed to Modify Child Support.  I did this without an attorney.  Also, please note that I should have filed a Petition Vs. Motion.

​​​​​Petition for Child Support Modification (lawyer version)

​​​​I also used this divorce lawyer to ​rewrite my Petition for Child Support Modification.   He did an amazing job.  If you read his Petition and compare it to mine.  He did a great job of listing out the changes in circumstances and reasons to modify child support payments.

​This is the Judge's written ruling after our trial.  He really went to town, in my opinion, with his assessment of Mr. Ex and G'friend.