​My Divorce

​My divorce took place many years ago.  These are my initial divorce papers.  They can be called by different names in different states, but the concepts are the same. 

​I had two lawyers over the divorce process, starting with the most expensive and sliding down to the cheap one.  The cheap divorce lawyer is the one who finished my divorce and is responsible for the documents below.  

Years later, when I returned to court to modify my child support, my attorney at that time commented that these are some of the most poorly written divorce documents he'd seen.  

The reason that my divorce papers are so suck-ass is because they are silent on how to address contribution to child expenses and visitation schedules as my son grows.  It's possible that it's better to make no decision than a bad decision - but either way if you and your child's other parent cannot agree - these issues will need to be agreed up or litigated again in court.  

Marital Settlement Agreement
Marital Settlement Agreement
Judgement for Dissolution of Marriage
Judgement for the Dissolution of Marriage
Joint Custody
​Joint Custody - Parenting Agreeement