How to Leave Your Husband - Divorce Experts Weigh in on the Best Ways

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The Virtual Conference for Women Thinking About & In Divorce

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The Divorce Summit Will Answer

​What is the best way to start the process?  Should it be a lawyer, coach, financial adviser?

​​What options exist that won't suck tens of thousands of legal fees​​?

​How ​to play nice and not screw ​yourself in the long-run.

What are the biggest financial mistakes women make that hurt their wallets for years?

​How and why divorce lawyers size ​up how much they can make on your divorce - and how you can protect yourself and your family.

​And dozens of other burning answers designed to make your divorce easier and less costly.

Expert ​Interviews & Presentations that cover

​All the aspects of divorce:  ​financial, legal, and psychological. 

​Certified Financial Planners

​Whether you're dividing up valuable assets and accounts or not, gain valuable insights into your money before, during, and after divorce.

​Family​ ​Lawyers

​Child Support and custody issues are never easy.  Discover how to determine what is and isn't worth the fight.  

​Divorce ​Fraud

​​​Hidden assets and income are more common and rampant than you realize.  ​Discover the Top Ways that Men Hide Money and how to uncover it.


​​​​Heal from the trauma that lead to divorce. Whether you decided to leave or he did.  If your ex is a narcissist, learn strategies to keep yourself safe and out of the drama.

​Divorce Mediators

​The more you and your husband disagree on the divorce elements, the more it costs.  Learn how to keep costs low while negotiating what you and your kids need.

​Business & Employment Coaches

​​Leaving is only a part of the journey. ​Discover how to take on the world in your newly single role.  How to market yourself, reinvent yourself, or rebrand yoursel.

​I felt so lost and alone when my divorce began, but once I knew what the path was and what my options were, things became clear and a whole lot ​easier and less stressful.”

​Here's Just a Taste of What You'll ​Discover

  • What do you need to prepare before telling your husband that you want a divorce
  • If he left you, what are your rights
  • Which assets should you keep, which ones should you walk away from
  • Why organization can make or break your case
  • Should your first call be to a lawyer - and if not, who is the best first person to hire and why ​
  • What to do to protect yourself financially if you are a stay at home mom
  • ​How are child support and alimony calculated and what you need to do
  • ​How to navigate a high conflict divorce and custody issues
  • ​Where husbands try to hide assets and how to uncover them
  • ​The best ways to support your children throughout the process
  • ​Why you shouldn't negotiate too early
  • The top three people you must talk to about your divorce
  • Which assets should you keep, which ones should you walk away from
  • ​Divorce is about money.  Learn the best ways to preserve your money and secure your financial future
  • ​AND so much more!

How To DivorceSuccessfully

Two Dozen Divorce Experts Offer Strategies and Steps to Successfully Leave Your Marriage ​without Losing Your Mind and All Your Money!

​Launching Soon.

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