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​How to ​Divorce Your Husband​.

Get the information you need to land on your feet!

​Leaving isn't Easy​.  

​Neither is Landing on Your Feet.

2 DOZEN divorce experts ​share strategies on ​everything from what to do before

you leave, to how to create a prosperous ​& joyful new life afterwards.

​April 24-26, 2018

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You've Done All that You Can.  It Hasn't Worked.  And You Need to Move on...

You've held yourself and your marriage together for as long as you can.  It's just becoming unbearable. The distance is engulfing.  ​ 

Therapy helped you somewhat - but he's still.... THE SAME.    

​You're marriage is still.... THE SAME.    

You want to leave and move on.  You need to.  But divorce is so final... so destructive... 

​How do you move forwards while keeping your family in tact and not losing all your money to lawyers?

What are your rights?  What is the best way for the kids?  How do you part without letting lawyers and conflict eat all that you've worked for away?  If not a lawyer, what other options exist? . . . 

​The Average Divorce

​While all situations are different - the average divorce costs between $12,000-25,000.  If conflicts run high, the costs skyrocket up quickly by the tens of thousands, especially if it goes to trial.  And nearly all of the expense of divorce is in LAWYER FEES.

​And if you don't know the process, you don't know what to expect and ask - and lots of time, you're flying by the seat of your pants taking your lawyers word for it.  

​I know.  I've been divorced ​AND returned to court to modify child support years later.  

​Our initial divorce cost around $25,000 - so my half was $12,500.  

​My post decree court process cost approximately $80,000 - spread over three lawyers and a trial.   

​I would say that the post decree process could have been reduced to a fraction of $80,000 had my ex not hidden income AND hired a​ shady attorney ​who loved conflict.  ​My ex's lawyer filed crazy motions monthly.  Resisted court orders so that he had to be compelled.  ​ Pulled me in and out of court obstructing the process.  

​Yes lawyers like this exist.

​Yes, people routinely hire them.

​Yes, the process empowers them to churn conflict until the money is ALL GONE.

​I would say that almost all of the fees, which transferred wealth to the attorneys from our child's college fund, were really a factor that my ex's attorney fueled the fires of conflict until the bitter end.

And bitter it was.

​Had my ex simply showed his true income - there wouldn't have been $80,000 in lawyers fees.

​Or had I chosen to walk away.  True.

​About the Divorce Summit

I started the Divorce Summit after spending a total of 4.5 years in court on divorce proceedings (initial divorce and post decree) that cost over $100,000.  While my proceedings were high conflict, with hidden assets and lying, and I won, it took a huge toll on me and my family.  

I don't advocate the way I did things. 

I used two different lawyers during my initial divorce - as the fees sucked my checkbook, I had to step down in scale - ultimately ending up with a "cheap" lawyer who wrote a terrible marital settlement agreement (per another attorney).  

I spent nearly all my money just finishing the divorce​.  But now I see that there is a different way.  A way that may have saved me thousands of dollars on the initial part of it.

When I went back to court the second time - to modify child support payments - I represented myself for nine months.  I didn't want to pony up another lawyer retainer of $5000.

​So being my own attorney became my third job - after my actual job and taking care of my family.

The second time back to court ​was a 2.5 year saga that culminated in a trial.

And again, I learned a whole helluva lot - at an enormous cost.

Eventually I had to hire an attorney, who I can honestly say was the BEST ATTORNEY IN THE WORLD.


Because he wasn't interested in drumming conflict up just to suck lawyer fees from me.

My ex, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky.  

I started this summit because if I knew then what I know now, I'm not sure I would have done things in the same way.  

I think ultimately, my court times would have been similarly costly, because my ex wanted to hide income and assets - so he forced me to litigate.  And litigation is a financial sand trap.

​I meet sooooo many women and moms who I've watched grind through their divorces basically until they run out of money - and so they settle or the fight just ends.  

Lots of these moms didn't need to deplete their savings, because most of them were in somewhat anti-climactic divorces.  ​

Most of these women just want out of their marriages, or on their spouse does - and they find themselves in a divorce with dueling attorneys - easily blowing $25,000 between the pair.   

Some of the women find themselves in "high conflict" divorces, but without enough of an understanding, and or, resources to move forwards without getting nearly annihilated by the process.

But all of these women, have one thing in common, they struggle to learn, balance themselves, do what's right, move forwards.... using their lawyers like friends, therapists, colleagues while being billed by the hour $250, $375, $500..... 

And without realizing it, the months drag on.  It becomes commonplace to get regular invoices from their attorneys for $1000, $2000, $5000 at a time. 

And they ask themselves - how did I get here?  

That's why I started the divorce summit. 

To help other women and moms - not get THERE.  

You're going to need and want that money for yourself and your kids.  

It belongs to your family - not the lawyers.  

But how do you not get THERE??

You figure out where you are, what options seem to be best for you and your family, and how to get what you need without drying out all of your resources. 

That's a new life. 

One where you still have money and good emotions to keep your self and your family whole. 

Or if you discover that you do need to fight, at least you'll go into it prepared for what that means from a cost perspective.  

The Divorce Summit is all you need to know to figure out your next moves in one place.   

Not just tidbits on forums and blogs. 

​This is hours and hours of resources - available to you - to chart your new beginnings.  

The Divorce Summit Will Answer

​What is the best way to start the process?  Should it be a lawyer, coach, financial adviser?

​​What options exist that won't suck tens of thousands of legal fees​​?

​How ​to play nice and not screw ​yourself in the long-run.

What are the biggest financial mistakes women make that hurt their wallets for years?

​How and why divorce lawyers size ​up how much they can make on your divorce - and how you can protect yourself and your family.

​And dozens of other burning answers designed to make your divorce easier and less costly.

Expert ​Interviews & Presentations that cover

​All the aspects of divorce:  ​financial, legal, and psychological. 

​Certified Financial Planners

​Whether you're dividing up valuable assets and accounts or not, gain valuable insights into your money before, during, and after divorce.

​Family Lawyers

​Child Support and custody issues are never easy.  Discover how to determine what is and isn't worth the fight.  

​Divorce ​Fraud

​​​Hidden assets and income are more common and rampant than you realize.  ​Discover the Top Ways that Men Hide Money and how to uncover it.


​​​​Heal from the trauma that lead to divorce. Whether you decided to leave or he did.  If your ex is a narcissist, learn strategies to keep yourself safe and out of the drama.

​Divorce Mediators

​The more you and your husband disagree on the divorce elements, the more it costs.  Learn how to keep costs low while negotiating what you and your kids need.

​Business & Employment Coaches

​​Leaving is only a part of the journey. ​Discover how to take on the world in your newly single role.  How to market yourself, reinvent yourself, or rebrand yoursel.

​I felt so lost and alone when my divorce began, but once I knew what the path was and what my options were, things became clear and a whole lot ​easier and less stressful.”

​Here's Just a Taste of What You'll ​Discover

  • What do you need to prepare before telling your husband that you want a divorce
  • If he left you, what are your rights
  • Which assets should you keep, which ones should you walk away from
  • Why organization can make or break your case
  • Should your first call be to a lawyer - and if not, who is the best first person to hire and why ​
  • What to do to protect yourself financially if you are a stay at home mom
  • ​How are child support and alimony calculated and what you need to do
  • ​How to navigate a high conflict divorce and custody issues
  • ​Where husbands try to hide assets and how to uncover them
  • ​The best ways to support your children throughout the process
  • ​Why you shouldn't negotiate too early
  • The top three people you must talk to about your divorce
  • Which assets should you keep, which ones should you walk away from
  • ​Divorce is about money.  Learn the best ways to preserve your money and secure your financial future
  • ​AND so much more!

​How to ​Divorce Your Husband.

Get the information you need to land on your feet!

Leaving isn't Easy​.  

​Neither is Landing on Your Feet.

2 DOZEN divorce experts w​ill share strategies on ​everything from what

to do before you leave, to how to create a prosperous and joyful new

life after your divorce.

​April 24-26, 2018

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