Save on Divorce Attorney Fees

​If you have hired, or are thinking you may want to hire, a divorce attorney, you're going to want to stay on top of their fees.

The biggest expense in most divorces is - ATTORNEY FEES - to the tune of $200-500/hour.  Yikes

​​Communicate in writing as much as possible.

A successful approach that I used with my attorney was to write down all my questions and feedback and send them in one email.  

Most attorneys (you’ll need to ask yours) charge in 6-15 minute increments.  So if you use up one minute, you pay for a full increment.  

The goal is to save up 6 or 15 minutes worth of questions at a time and get billed ONCE.

When you send short emails that take your attorney 1 or 2 minutes to read and respond to separately you end up getting billed for a 15-minute segment each time.  

Do this over 15 emails, for example, and you’re billed for (15) 15-minute segments, or nearly 4 hours of time.  YIKES!  

Some attorneys don’t bill until they reach 6 or 15 minutes.  Clarify this up front.  Most will start the clock the minute they open your email or pick up your call.  

Also, don’t respond to emails immediately, unless of course it’s an emergency. 

You want to digest what’s being asked - who’s asking for it, what’s their strategy/goal…

And you want to be able to clearly and completely respond.  Communicate specific facts that you can support and that include dates and times.

I found it very helpful to draft my responses to my attorney as soon as possible. 

Then I’d sit on them for 24 hours, reread and then send.  Or if it triggered lots of emotions, I’d sit on it longer.  

The luxury of time - saved fees and empowered me.  It enabled me to have some distance and thus edit out extraneous emotions and details.

Though I did have several phone conversations with my lawyer, email was better. 

It forced me to clarify what I was asking/saying.  

It also gave me a record of conversations so that if I was swept up in my feelings, I could go back and review things I had maybe forgotten.

On the phone, it’s easy to get caught up in a conversation or tangent - both of which cost you money.  

Also, the entire divorce process is long, drawn out, and filled with tedium.

Communicating in writing forces clarity and simplicity.